Live Music: Frenchaxe

FrenchaxeCome enjoy live music with an authentic French singer from Cincinnati: Sylvain Acher with his band Frenchaxe. The artists will perform for us a variety of swing, jazz, gypsy and world beat original songs and music. Frenchaxe’s poetic musical expression is guaranteed to  transport you on a cultural, francophone world tour. Check them out at

Live Music: Guinguette Revival

banner-Guinguette_RevivalClose your eyes and let the music of Guinguette Revival transport you into the heart of Paris, or perhaps a small town or village in the French countryside. The talented Maud Habich will delight you with a variety of enchanting French classics made famous by the likes of Charles Trenet, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Alain Souchon, Julien Clerc etc.

French National Anthem: Abby Morris

Abby Moriss

This year soloist Abby Morris will sing France’s national anthem, the glorious La Marseillaise, during the lantern parade, which is scheduled to take place at dusk. “Allons enfants de la Patrie…!” Abby Morris is a graduate of Herron High School in Indianapolis and is currently attending Franklin College. She has performed multiple times at Ten West in their theatre program, and loves the arts and Fortville!

Artisan Foods

French crêpeBring your favorite chair and blanket, and a picnic basket. Or come empty-handed and enjoy delicious food and treats from local chefs. Local restaurants, sweet shops and artisans will be there to delight your palate. If you are getting too hot, cool off with a refreshing desserts. And did we mention there will be a large variety of French crêpes? No, you won’t go hungry at Bastille Day… See the vendor list >

Arts & Crafts Market

Arts and crafts marketEnjoy a stroll in the park and browse through a variety of hand-made items ranging from jewelry to candles, linen, blankets, painting, caricatures and more.

Paint in the Park

Paint in the parkBudding artists will get a chance to learn how to paint a French scenery in a very “Montmartre-like” setting right in the park under the loving guidance of Fortville-based Ten West.

Beer, Wine & Cider Garden

Beer, Wine & Cider gardenEnjoy a premier celebration of French culture featuring fine wines, beers and ciders from either French or local wineries and breweries. Bastille Bucks will be sold at the booth to allow both connoisseurs and beginners to enjoy various brands served by the staff from Indiana On Tap, Elite Beverages and Rettig Hill Winery. Indiana craft beer, wine and cider will be represented by Scarlet Lane Brewing, Triton Brewing, New Boswell Brewing, Outliers Brewing, Brugge Brasserie, Rettig Hill and Mallow Run Hard Cider! There will also be French Wines from Chapoutier’s and Les Clissages d’Or. Visitors will buy their drinks at the controlled area and leave the area with their drinks to enjoy the family area. Photo ID required.

Water Pong

water pong banner

Pro Beer Sports will be hosting Water Pong events throughout the day as follows:

    • A kids table free to play for anyone 12 and under.
    • Casual tables anyone can come up and play for 1 ticket per person (2 tickets a team).
    • Tournaments will be held throughout the day for 6 tickets a team. These tournaments will start when we have 8 available teams. Winning team gets t-shirts.
    • At 8:00pm we will start the Bastille Day Championship. Teams can sign up for this tournament throughout the day. Entrance will be 10 tickets a team.
      • 1st place team gets a trophy, t-shirts, and money! (based on the number of entries)
      • 2nd place team gets t-shirts, and money! (based on the number of entries)
      • 3rd place team gets t-shirts!

*Each tournament is single elimination. If your team is up to play and you aren’t at the table in 5 minutes you will be disqualified. There are no refunds.

Waiter’s Race

Waiters' RaceJoin in a French tradition (the “course des garçons de café”) that has expanded to be an international event! The Indiana Bastille Day Waiters’ Race will challenge participants to race as fast as possible holding a loaded tray without spilling its contents.
At their beginning (in the early 1900’s), waiters races started popping up in Paris to improve the recognition of the waiter profession.
Today, it is possible to find waiters races in more than 53 countries all over the world. From Hong Kong to Washington DC, from Brussels to Jerusalem or from Buenos Aires to Japan, waiters are at honor for a day and make a show in front of thousands of spectators.
Interested in participating? Learn the rules and see if you are up to the challenge! There will be 3 winners.

Pétanque Tournament

Petanque tournamentBoth adults and children are invited to a traditional French game: a pétanque tournament. Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is, while standing with the feet together in a small circle, to throw metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally “piglet”) or jack. The game of pétanque is played by about 17 million people in France.

The Indiana Bastille Day Pétanque Tournament features 8 tourney courts plus one for the kids. The event will start with a multiple of 4 teams and 2 courts for each 4 teams, so a total of 16 two-player teams.

The Pétanque rules are pretty simple:

  • Team A throws the jack.
  • Team A player attempts to throw the boule so that it lands as close to the jack as possible.
  • Team B player attempts to land his boule closer to the jack. Team B must continue throwing boules until they take the lead or run out of boules. Then it is Team A’s turn.
  • When all boules are thrown, the points are counted. The team that has the boule closest to the jack wins the round. In addition, they also receive a point for each boule that is closer to the jack than their opponents closest boule. Only one team scores points during a round.
  • The first team to earn a total of 13 points wins the game.

So, come and throw your best shot with boules while enjoying an evening of sun and fun. The game of pétanque is simple, relaxing, lots of fun, and a perfect way to make new friends. Admission is $5 per person. The first game starts at 3pm and there will be a second game beginning at 7pm in the Soccer field.

Police Department Demonstrations

Police Dept DemosThe Fortville Police Department will come out with their canine division: their super star retriever “Lannie” will demonstrate a car search for drug. Our police officers will also show off non-lethal weapon technology, including tasing, and distribute stickers to kids. We have heard they are ready to take on the firemen for a gentle competition whose format hasn’t yet been reveled. Start your bets now!

Fire Department Demonstrations

Fire dept demosThe Fortville Fire Department will bring the heat to the event by demonstrating various ways to put out fire using a fire extinguisher and showing off their firetrucks. We are also counting on them for cooling down the atmosphere should it get a tad too hot. And rumors has it that the firemen have taken up the police officers for an amicable competition that has been kept secret… Who will you root for?

18th Century Reenactment and Weapon/ Fashion Demonstrations

Michael Dollinger, proprietor of Smoking Iron Alterations and company tailor from the garrison de la French Marines at Post Miami, will demonstrate tailoring techniques of the 18th century. Come learn about a soldier’s life at a wilderness outpost in 1755 Indiana. See the equipment weapons and clothing of a French marine in Indiana at that time. Discover how a soldier for the king, but also a tradesman, made a living in the wilds of Indiana.

Fashion Show


Local Fortville Business, Kewpies Kloset, will be showing off their summer fashions this year on Indiana Bastille Day’s Main Stage. Kewpies Kloset is an Eco Friendly Upscale Baby/Children’s Resale Boutique that sells new and pre-loved hand picked clothing for your special little one. Enjoy the local fashion, and find something new for your own child!

Costumed Characters

Costumed CharactersExperience the trouble times of Louix XVI right before the French Revolution: costumed characters from the Fishers Renaissance Faire will roam the park, perform sword plays, and give a unique historical dimension to the event. Get your camera ready!

Modern Dance by Crossroads Dance

dance banner
Crossroads Dance will perform originally choreographed modern dance pieces for a 30-minute show to kick off the festivities. The group’s themes will focus on independence, breaking free from the past, and feeling nostalgic for France. Crossroads Dance is a project based dance group focused on exploring the relevance of the art of dance in our community and culture. Come for the dance, stay for the food and live entertainment which continues until 11pm.


MarionettesPeewinkle’s Puppet Studio is a charming old world style puppet theatre in downtown Indianapolis who presents captivating creative puppet shows for children. This year, they will be at Indiana Bastille Day with no less than three 20 minute shows! Be sure to bring your little ones to this fun-filled marionette performance presented by puppeteer Heidi. The dancing, juggling, high flying and cycling trick marionettes are guaranteed to delight children and adults alike. Free admission.

Tango by Riolo Dance


Riolo Dance will present two performances of Tango dances on music with definite French accents. Tango is a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin characterized by long pauses and stylized body positions. This musical form was subsequently adopted by other countries, primarily France, Spain and Italy. Riolo Dance is a social dance studio in downtown Indianapolis that offers Open Dance Parties as well as group and private lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Swing, Hula & more.

Lantern Making Workshop

 This year we will reprise the beautiful candlelight procession at night, right before the laser light show. Children will have the opportunity to make their own lantern in a workshop specially organized for them. The process is very simple and children 4 years and older will enjoy making lanterns using empty and clean soda bottles, wire, paper, sand and a tree limb ($3 per lantern). In addition, a variety of colorful  traditional French lanterns, already assembled, will be available for purchase ($5).

Lantern Procession (10pm)

Candlelight Lantern ParadeBastille Day was declared France’s National Day in 1880 and the tradition has always been for every township to organize a lantern parade the night prior to the fourteenth of July. Our Indiana Bastille Day will follow this 130-year-old custom in grand fashion! At dusk we will have a beautiful candle-light lantern procession for all the children (and the adults too!) to join in. We will start at the gazebo and will go around the Southern part of the park to the soccer field where the Laser Light Show is held at. This is a French tradition for Bastille Day and it is both fun and gorgeous looking. Be sure to join us by 10pm!

Laser Light Show (10:00pm)

Laser Light ShowIf you crave the magic of lights dancing across the park, lighting up the trees and the buildings all choreographed to a festive soundtrack, then be sure to join us by 10:00pm for a unique laser light show. Featuring a 30 foot screen, we guarantee it will be spectacular!